HudaEmbroidery is a clothes online shop for all session. We offer everything at no cost because we believe everyone should have access to technology, not just those who can afford it or whose lives may be at risk if they don’t have an internet presence but also so people will come back again in future when there might not always be ads around waiting on them!
I get asked quite regularly as Founder & CEO of HUDAE Broiderery what my business model entails and how I am able provide high quality products while remaining sustainable- which often leads me into some pretty interesting conversations with customers about sustainability.

Why HudaEmbrodery ?

Please note that some of the points discussed in this article are very simplified- I’m sorry if it seems jumbled, but my attention is split between this blog post and work…!

However, what I have written here may be enough to get you thinking about how things could be done differently within your own business or company.

I have been asked quite a lot about how I fund Huda Embroidery’s online store- the main thing people seem to be interested in is whether or not we will be taking on funding.

The short answer is no, but of course that’s only part of the story..!

We are currently self-funded, which means that I keep my spending to a minimum in order to make sure I can pay for things like insurance, registration fees and legal advice.

I’ve yet to take out any loans or finance with relatives because along with being self-funded, Huda Embroidery is not currently profitable (running at a loss).

However, as it is the first business I have started from scratch and as a graduate, this means there isn’t much of a safety net for me should things take a wrong turn.

I’ve been told that no one will buy into something that doesn’t make money- but since August 2013 we have grown from a small part-time business with low overheads to a company that now employs two people and runs an online store and social media channels (instagram, facebook and pinterest).

We now have several thousand followers on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as lots of traffic on our website.

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