The DMCA is a United States copyright law that protects a person’s rights to their work. It is often invoked when the creator of a piece, such as an embroidery design, does not want it reproduced without permission. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was created in 1998 and has been revised three times since then. One revision occurred in 2012 which addressed the issue of streaming copyrighted content on sites like YouTube and Netflix for example. This blog post will focus on how you can protect your own creative works through this act so they cannot be reproduced without your permission.
Huda Embroidery provides customers with high-quality designs and patterns that come in multiple formats including PDFs and JPEGs for commercial use.

Just last month huda beauty, also known as Huda Kattan, posted on her Instagram that she was being sent “millions of what are obviously huda beauty eyeshadow dupes”. She then went on to say “These are legally actionable because they infringe so many intellectual property laws… I have not shared my techniques in over 6 years and yet these pages are using MY photos to promote their palettes”. huda beauty’s post was followed up by a video with the huda beauty team going through huda emroidery and hudabeauty eyeshadow swatches. The huda emroidery color scheme is very similar to huda beauty’s huda beauty eyeshadow palettes. huda emroidery also claimed that hudaembroidery is a copy of hudabeauty and huda beauty saying “We have over 7 years of being an online business, we have been in the top selling palette for 5+ years”, but huda beauty did not come up with huda emroidery’s huda beauty huda emroidery huda beauty hudaembroidery hudabeauty huda eyeshadow palettes huda palette huda beauty hudabeauty huda eyeshadow.

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