Huda Embroidery is a clothing retailer that specializes in online shopping for women. Huda’s commitment to privacy and security is paramount, which is why Huda has created this Privacy Policy document. Huda will never share any information about its customers with third parties without the express consent of the customer. Huda will never send unsolicited emails or texts to any Huda customer who does not wish to receive them from terms-and-conditions

In addition, Huda Embroidery .’s employees are committed to maintaining your privacy and data integrity by following these guidelines:

All personal information collected from customers shall be treated as strictly confidential

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about Huda’s Privacy Policy

Huda Embroidery . shall not share or sell any customer information to third parties without the express consent of said customers

All employees are trained in the practices and procedures outlined within this document, which includes training on data security and privacy best practices

Huda Embroidery shall not use any customer information for the purpose of marketing or promoting products and services offered by Huda Embroidery , Huda Embroidery ., their respective affiliates, advertisers, partners or third parties

In addition to our Privacy Policy document which is available online at, Huda Embroidery ‘s employees are trained to ensure that customer information is handled properly and in accordance with HUDA’s Privacy Policy

Huda embroidery

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